Rainy Day Essentials

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Well, long time no see! It’s been a week without writing and it has felt like forever. My life is currently crazy – my semester is ending at my high school and my classes have resumed at my local college. It feels like all the time I used to have has been snatched away! Anyways, I’m back! Hopefully with no more small breaks!

With the past few days being unusually warm, I’ve been in very good spirits. I have felt energized and ready to take on this new semester. Today was on-and-off bouts of pouring rain, but unlike most people, I actually thoroughly enjoy a warm, rainy day! There’s something about the world when the sun comes out after a rain that I just find really beautiful.

On rainy days, I notice that I slip into a pattern. It’s cozy and relaxing – something that I definitely need with everything on my plate at the moment. First, I find it much easier to study and get my work done when it is raining outside, so I usually make myself comfortable at my desk and either hit the books or work on blog posts!

While I’m working or studying, I like to make myself a cup of tea or coffee in my favorite mug. One of my best friends hand-drew this mug back in 2014 and I still use it all the time! I love how cute it is and it has become super sentimental to me – I think the only way I will throw it out is if it literally smashes.

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Once I have a hot drink and a pile of work to do, I choose a record to listen to. On rainy days, I tend to lean towards artists with a mellow beat – like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and The Head and The Heart. I like to have relaxing music on as I get work done! It makes me feel slightly less stressed and definitely happier.

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Lastly, I light my one of my favorite candles of all time – Bergamot Mint by White Barn (purchased at Bath & Body Works). The scent reminds me of my favorite beach town for some reason, so lighting it always makes me super happy!

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On the off-chance that I have absolutely no work to do on a rainy day, I like to curl up on the couch with my doggies and watch cheesy movies or binge-watch The Vampire Diaries for the 5th time.

Lastly, completely unrelated to everything else I have talked about, I always wear my favorite Hunter boots on rainy days! They’re so cute and comfortable that I jump at any chance to wear them (even if it isn’t raining). I love how they pair perfectly with jeans, leggings, a sweatshirt, or a nicer top/sweater! Totally versatile and worth the investment. I got mine on sale and the color is no longer available but will link the exact pair here and a similar pair in the same color here.

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Those are all my rainy day essentials! Everything a girl could need – boots, music, candles, and coffee! I would love to know how you guys spend your rainy days so let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time,

XX, Emy Diaries